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The ZPARTNERS group of companies is a reliable partner in the field of jurisprudence, providing a wide range of legal services.

The ZPartners team consists of lawyers and lawyers of various specializations, which allows us to competently and quickly form a group of specialists, taking into account the assigned tasks and the specifics of the industry. ZPartners places great importance on consistency and responsibility in representing the interests of each client.

Our team specializes in criminal law, corporate law, tax consulting, administrative matters, family and labor disputes, bankruptcy cases, and also provides support services for real estate transactions, investment agreements, and compliance management.

The company also has experience in participating in international projects with a Russian element.

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Consulting services

Consulting services

Providing legal services for business, including: support for disputes and corporate
procedures, compliance management, due diligence, contract system practice under Federal Law No. 44 and Federal Law No. 223.
Defense in criminal proceedings

Defense in criminal proceedings

Protection of the principal during operational investigative activities, as well as judicial consideration of criminal cases
Transactions and financing

Transactions and financing

Support of transactions, investment projects, issues related to raising financing, due diligence of transactions.
litigation resolution

litigation resolution

Representing the interests of the client in litigation in civil, administrative cases, as well as in cases related to economic disputes and bankruptcy.

Court is not war. The process takes the form not of extermination, but of a duel between the protection of the law and the protection of personal honor. The mines and ambushes, attacks and sabotage allowed in battle have no place here: here they violate the sense of proportion

Fedor Nikiforovich Plevako

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